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Selling your home can feel like a giant project. Choosing the right real estate agent can mean peace of mind. Anne will help you through every step and chunk it down to make sure you feel comfortable and prepared.

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  • How do I choose the best selling price for my home?
  • What’s the best day of the week to list my home?
  • What’s the real difference between Coming Soon and Active status on the Multiple Listing Service?
  • How do some homes sell sight-unseen with zero days on the market?
  • Do I have to accept an offer when I get one?
  • What are strategies for getting the most money for my house?
  • What will my real estate agent do, and what will I have to do?
  • Can I sell my house if I’m not there?
  • When is it a good idea to hold an open house?
  • How long will the whole transaction take from contract to close?
  • Is it better to sell my home first and then buy my next home, or vice versa?

And Lochmere sales: 1) 300 Palace Green in Lock Bain sold for $525,000; $50,000 over asking April 2021. 2) 302 Palace Green in Loch Bain sold for $576,500; $81,000 over asking October 2021. 3) 411 Jaslie Drive in Lochmere Village sold for $671,000; $121,000 over asking February 2022.