Performing Musician Program

Gary from Red Bloom Realty has been a performing musician since high school.  We don’t have to say exactly how long that’s been… but it’s counted in decades, not years!  He has performed for thousands on stage, as well as many times to nearly no one! His music has been featured on more than 50 television shows ranging from American Pickers to The Voice.  Even now, he plays in a band here in the Triangle.

As such, he knows that being a musician adds joy to life.  He also knows that financial reward for musical pursuits is often elusive.  So, he started the Performing Musician Program here at Red Bloom Realty to give back.

Here is how it works.  Any performing musician* who hires Gary for the purchase or sale of a home will receive the following at closing (subject to lender approval):

  • $500 on any property purchased or sold under $300,000
  • $1,000 on any property purchased or sold between $300,000 and $500,000
  • $1,500 on any property purchased or sold above $500,000.

*For the purposes of this program, “performing musician” is defined as someone who actively performs in public for others, whether in a group or solo, and can document having done so within the prior 12 months. 

Performing musician program