Lowest Mortgage Interest Rates…Ever!

March 4, 2020

Being a Relator during all-time low mortgage interest rates is exciting! The Federal Reserve just cut interest rates by one half of a percentage point, yesterday, making this the lowest ever!

Here is how you can take advantage of these all-time low interest rates.


If you are renting right now, I can help you own a home for about the SAME monthly payment! You can qualify if your annual income is at least $40K, and your credit score is over 680. Contact me today.


Now is the time to refinance! If your current mortgage interest rate is higher than 5%, you could save a lot of money by refinancing now.


How would you like to watch your investment property appreciate 5%-8% annually while your tenant pays the mortgage for you? That is exactly what is happening with real estate in this area of NC. You can purchase rental properties with a low mortgage interest rate, and keep your cash for other investments.

This infographic outlines how we are at the lowest historic mortgage interest rates since 1971!