Neighborhood Spotlight: Ridgefield/Briarcliff, Chapel Hill

September 2, 2020

I’ve started writing a monthly article series for the Local Reporter, which focuses on Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Southern Orange County.  This month’s article is a neighborhood spotlight on Little Ridgefield/Ridgefield/Briarcliff, which is located just south of University Place.  The residents clearly adore their little slice of Chapel Hill.  Here’s a sample quote:

“I have a 101-year old neighbor. Around him, he has one neighbor who calls him weekly to check on him, another neighbor who picks up his newspaper and garbage cans, a couple of us who have phone numbers of his adult kids and all of us keep an eye on solicitors to keep them away from preying on his fragility. He never asked us to do this; we just started doing this on our own. That’s the kind of people who live here,” Anthony Edwards says.

You can read the full article at the Local Reporter site.

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Gary A. Miller